About us

Who we are

Prime Energy Development Ltd (a subsidiary of Watt Power Ltd) is a company set up in 2014 to develop emergency standby electricity generation facilities to provide essential back up to the UK’s existing power supply network. The team at Prime Energy has extensive experience in the development of power stations and related energy infrastructure projects, in the UK and overseas.

What we do

As a result of EU Directives and the Government’s drive to a low carbon economy, coal and oil-fired power stations in the UK are set to close between now and the end of this decade. A number of ageing nuclear stations will also close during this period, leaving a large shortfall in the country’s generating capacity. In addition, there will be a huge increase in renewable power, primarily intermittent onshore and offshore wind as well as solar generation.

A significant amount of new investment in power generation, using modern and proven technology, is therefore required by the end of this decade and beyond to ensure there is adequate security of energy supply.

A large proportion of this new investment will need to be in flexible plants with the ability to respond quickly and efficiently to short-term variations in demand and intermittent output from wind and solar power.

It is likely that the UK power market will be most insecure during times when power demand is at its peak (dark cold winter evenings when industry and households are simultaneously drawing maximum requirements) and supply is at its lowest (after coal power stations are shut down and before replacements are built, and when there is insufficient wind or sunshine to generate electricity).

Prime Energy is developing small generation facilities that will operate at times when electricity generation supplies are experiencing higher than expected levels of demand or there is a shortfall in generation capacity.

At these times, Prime Energy’s emergency facilities will generate electricity into local distribution networks, helping to increase the security of supply in local networks and to reduce the need for District Network Operators to draw supply from the National Electricity Transmission System.

Prime Energy intends to bid its capacity into the UK Government’s capacity auction  with a view to securing a supply contract to deliver this power when it is most needed in the years 2019-2034.
In 2014 Prime Energy was awarded a 15 year contract for a consented standby electricity generation facility in Carlisle. This project entered commercial operations in October 2015.