Power Generation Projects

Emergency Standby Electricity Generation Facilities

In 2014 Prime Energy was awarded a 15 year contract for a consented standby electricity generation facility in Carlisle. The project secured planning consent from the local council in 2014 and entered commercial operations in October 2015.

Prime Energy proposes to develop further emergency standby electricity generation facilities in England and Wales.

These facilities will be embedded in the local distribution network and will supply electricity at or near the point of use via the local District Network Operator, thus increasing security of supply and helping avoid the risk of blackouts at the local level.

The facilities will comprise modular generator units, along with ancillary equipment such as transformers and fuel storage tanks. Each facility will provide an electrical output of up to 20 MW. Facilities will be set back from residential properties, positioned close to grid connection points and occupy plots of land of approximately 0.75 acres. The emergency standby electricity generation facilities will use generators that include high-tech fuel injection, air management and exhaust gas recirculation to provide high efficiency and low emissions. The facilities will run for a maximum of 500 hours a year (or less than 6% of the time), usually operating for 2 – 3 hours during the evening, over the winter period.